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  1. Let me help; I’ll fill in a few blanks … 12-16: rail strike. 3-20: postal strike. 10: blood tests. 23: recycling pick up and garbage day. 14: Tracy’s birthday. 29: Marlene’s birthday. 24-27: rail strike.


    1. Are you sure you want to become a Brit? This country is breaking the backs of the unions, and there—schedulling strikes way ahead of time so as not to take anyone by surprise. My, my.

      I’m sort of a union girl.


      1. Over 300,000 commuters are without a way into London for work. People are being fired. This has gone on 9 months now. Cancer patients who need to get weekly treatments at hospitals are missing their appointments. Public transport should be for the good of the people, not for the good of unions who want to collectively spit so we all drown. And the rail workers have some of the best wages and pension benefits of any public workers. It’s daft. (jumping off soapbox)


  2. We only get happy news from G.B. (The Royal Family is pictured a lot.) I don’t know of any news program where bad things (Railroads ect.) were mentioned..
    But I don’t watch all the news…maybe the late, late newscasts say something.


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