Quick Kick January

That’s its name. What is it?

Quickly’s thirty-one day poetry (and short form prose) Non-challenge.

No prize, no pressure, just a prompt every day of this long two-faced month.


Sometimes a nudge is needed. There have been holidays; we’ve been busy; we’ve been ill; we’ve been depressed; we’ve been on the road and unsettled; all our routines are shot to hell. There are so many reasons not to write. This is a reason TO write.

Every day in January, pick up your prompt and give it a good look. If it doesn’t inspire you, try looking at it cross-eyed. Or turn it upside down. Consider only one corner. Maybe reach inside, get hold of that corner, and turn it inside out. Write about its seams, or wrinkles or the play of shadows across its surface. Or ignore the prompt altogether and write about potatoes left too long in a microwave, your grandmother vs Godzilla, the shape of your little toe. Whatever.

There are rules. You can break them, but they’re few and (I think) reasonable.

1) Write every day. Don’t think about it as a marathon–it’s more like standing up, putting on a jacket and going out to get the mail. And you needn’t write more than a line or two, a few sentences, a paragraph. Just try to look at the world, or your self, or some idea, and

2) Use words consciously.

3) Use paper. Things written on keyboard and screen look and feel too finished. And if what’s written does’t work, we’re apt to toss the whole thing. But there might be a line or the germ of an idea that needs its own time and place.

4) Keep your mistakes and revisit them.

You can write for yourself or, if it suits you, post your drafty writing on your own blog and leave a link here. If it looks like something you might want to try to publish, you can password-protect it and let us have the password.

And it starts tomorrow.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments or drop a note to Miz Q. That’s  be.quik at





5 thoughts on “Preface, Forward, Onword. A note or two for the People

  1. Thanks, Miz Q. That photo alone could provide prompts for almost the whole month. I shall return to it when other prompts refuse me entry. Deal? Right now the spider-webbed Christmas tree give me food for thought. I wish you food for both mind and body this new year’s eve. Enjoy!

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  2. I love being cajoled into words. My drive ran out of gas, so I appreciate boot in the patoot! This will be the one place I’ll play poet for a bit. Maybe I’ll write, or maybe I’ll just sit by the pool and daydream. Either way, I’ll be here.


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