Tales of the Unexpected

We expect a lot from our friends and loved folk, even if we aren’t conscious of it. They should be where we look for them, think what we think they think, act the way they ought to act. We need the dependable people.

We also need the bonuses.

Think about a relative stranger who always makes you feel good. Someone with an unnecessary smile or a wave. Someone you see playing joyfully with his dog or listening, really listening, to a kid.

This is a friend’s Facebook post:

My brother, who lives with us, used to walk a mile and a half to and from a nearby Target store each day. This past year or so he has had increasing respiratory problems and a couple of serious and long lasting bouts with planter’s fasciitis, making walking very difficult, so we have been driving him both ways for his morning social visits in their coffee shop.

His primary physician wants him to try and walk more, to help with the diabetes control, so yesterday we drove him there (there are hills going) and he walked home. He said a van stopped, the driver, a female, hopped out and came over to the sidewalk and gave him a hug! She had wondered what had happened to him, as she had not seen him walking in such a long time. Isn’t it wonderful how a perfect stranger, can make such a difference in someone’s life by a simple gesture of concern and caring? People can be amazing! This brother of mine is well loved by many people, including us.

There’s someone out there who makes you glad that you’re both alive. Think a little and you’ll find them. Now—write to/for/about your bonus friend.





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    1. Misky, I’ll poke in and read in a bit. I like the idea of using an animal…
      There are still a few in my suburban sprawl…it helps that I live on the edge of the neighborhood and not the center of it.

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