Where Do You Live?

In a Rattle Ekphrastic poem “I Don’t Understand Poetry” by Jill Talbot
the speaker says

If I lived in a poem it would be Ginsberg.
Because I hate Ginsberg.


If you lived in a poem…

Speak to us.
(And be prepared to defend your choice, though you don’t need to use that in your response.)

You might also live in other works of art.





12 thoughts on “QKJ #12

  1. Going to have to stew this one a bit. Living our own lives is art in and of itself.
    I live through my own writing. Since I am not ‘another’ I’m not sure how that would work to live in another’s poem.
    And to choose just one poem out of thousands is like choosing a part of single alphabet letter to express a book much less a paragraph within that book.

    Not sure if I can pick someone else’s words. But maybe a painting…but only briefly. I like my life…at least now.
    But as a teen I would have loved to have been anywhere other than where I was.


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