Yesterday you wrote a summer day in the midst of winter. Today, let’s mess with something else.

Take some common item you commonly see. Your phone, or refrigerator; your car, bedside lamp, toilet paper holder. Whatever you choose, it should be familiar.

Now put it in a movie, a famous film, and make it the center of a scene.

Maybe my coffee cup is next to Jack Nicholson’s typewriter in The Shining. Or my cell phone’s in Scarlet O’Hara’s reticule. (Surely she carried a reticule when she puts on her living room drapes and goes to see Rhett for a loan). Maybe your wedding ring is on a tray in Tiffany’s.

You see that this could be dramatic, silly, subtle. As you will.

Does your change in any way affect the action, or the way you see the action. Does it affect the item? Does it re-order the universe?
Play with the idea.




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    1. Hugs.

      [ If you want to do some-thing. But writing new makes you dissolve, go back and do some nuts and bolts revision. If you pick a piece you don’t really care about, figuring out just why it doesn’t work and messing around with ways to fix it can be curiously soothing.]

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