Write what would purport to be a set of instructions (directions, recipe, etc),
but give it a “hidden” agenda.



Almost to the end of our month together. Would you come by for a Quickly weekly prompt during February and March, and on what day?





9 thoughts on “QKJ #29

  1. Oh be still my heart … yes, yes, yes, more, please. Tuesdays are my Twiglet prompts, so maybe not Tuesday. Monday is my favourite dVerse prompt (quadrilles and haibuns), so maybe not Monday. I prefer to week days to weekends, so that leaves Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Any of those three days are perfect with me.

    And now I’m of to the shops to buy some milk, since I don’t have a cow…


  2. Quickly Weekly? Yes Ma’am.

    I think I made it most (OK all) of this month – even though I mighta been late a time or two.

    As long as you are having fun – that is all that matters.

    I’ll have to be back for this prompt as I don’t see how to mash it with my daily piece.


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