How do you know when to quit? How do you learn?

Obviously, I don’t know. (See below.  Too much–too too much)

But keep the question in mind when you write.

These ideas are from the Writing Prompt Generator on the website Seventh Sanctum. (Great place to browse.)
Pick ONE. Write for a while, and a little while longer. Then go back and use about ¼– or less.


  • There is a story about a man.
  • It was fall, the season of war and dreaming.
  • People think we survived the drought by hiding in this bar.
  • She was howling.
  • I was eternally a boy, you will despise me in the end.
  • That woman, with her suits.
  • I will be a boring woman, with my wonderful houses.
  • Attack kindness as long as you are speaking.
  • My life is basically the story of Aladdin.
  • It was the day of wisdom, the day of madness, the day that ____ found the meaning of ignorance.
  • I survived the war by hiding in a library.
  • It was the age of rogue robots, the age of security officers.
  • That girl, that creature of total ambition.
  • I am a good-looking girl, with my ugly hat.
  • I have a tale about ignorance, getting old, and being a ______




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  1. I want to play — may be a bit before I contribute and read the other contributions (Jules I have read yours).
    Hope there isn’t a time limit of 24 hours, lol.


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