Bruegel, Pieter the Elder
Bruegel, Pieter the Elder



Today I want you to lose yourself.

Think about the most interesting thing you did last week. Something active, if it’s no more than going shopping. (hey, it might have been a slow week.)

Write about what you did, saw, etc—but using ONLY the third person plural. As in: “They Went to Walgreens for a Walking Cane”.

Tinker around with it, see how it works. You can start confabulating about halfway through if that appeals to your sense of what should be. If it doesn’t work well with “they,” you might try “you” or “he,” but go for the choice that gives you the more interesting result.

Let yourself go



10 thoughts on “Lose Yourself

    1. Let’s not say self-centered. Habituated. The idea was to make one aware of that. Just for kicks, go through some things you’ve written, find a couple you don’t have any great attachment to, and replace “I” with “they.” There ought to be just the slightest dissonance (even after you’ve corrected for grammar).


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