Today, some words. Use them proudly.




Quickly’s taking some time. Kicking back. Doing the tourist thing for a bit. Drinking, eating things I’ve got no business eating. Hey. Spring break. Life is good.

See you in May.


Unless life gets too good.







9 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Have a great rest Q, I’m working on this prompt (yeah in a mash up) today…
    I’ve been hobbling, semi out of commission thanks partly to Snowstorm Stella and pulling a muscle or two.

    Be well all and maybe I’ll get to come back and read more as I recover. I’ve been very slow in the moving department. When one isn’t comfortable life drags. Really it’s April tomorrow. I think I missed most of the last two weeks, being a bit weak. I think I’m mending…but it’ll take time.


  2. Can’t write if you can’t think, and you can’t think when you’re hurting (no matter what those romantic-opera, consumptive artist in the garret myths try to push). Be good to yourself. But do remember that part of the cure is in slow work and stretching as you recover.

    Give yourself a slice of apple pie with a scoop of good ice cream.


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