Schedule Revision



(Schedules. You shake them until the monkeys stop falling out.)

Come back Thursday for our previously scheduled prompt.

But just in case you were jonesing, here’s a little something to tide you over:





Noun it, verb it, rush its bottom, overstuff it.  Make it Mid-Century Modern. Make it Art Deco. Go for Baroque. Take charge.





21 thoughts on “Schedule Revision

  1. Why would I want to be a chair-person?
    Wouldn’t I have to crab from room to room
    On stubby, banded legs
    And live life a supporting role?

    For that matter I don’t want to be a valet
    Or a lounger either!
    How does a fauteuil behave in company

    Where is Murphy, damn him, late again!
    And aren’t the Ottomans long gone?
    Stool – don’t go there,
    I am neither lowboy nor high.

    I will however
    Be your Love Seat.

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