If Hydrogen and Oxygen are gasses, why is a water balloon so heavy?

Did anyone ever come up to you and explain that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile? Were you that blankblank person? I wasn’t frowning. It’s my face NOT expending energy. Gravity is heavy, man.

But seriously.

It’s easy to become depressed. Sometimes it seems that you have to work to be happy. Sometimes so much that it doesn’t seem worth the effort. Even humor contributes to the weight.

Today, I want you to manufacture some joy. Don’t use something for which you are already happy, unless you want an internal measuring device. Avoid those things tradition links with joy. It may be hard for you not to use abstractions, but keep them in the back seat–use nouns we can reach out and touch if we’re fast enough, and verbs that transfer what you feel–transfer–into your chosen vehicle. Don’t let your internal censor tell you that drinking this much will have bad side effects, either.

Manufacture your joy out of something not of a normally joyful nature. The first Pixar (short) movie was about desk lamps. I’m looking out the window at a patch of weeds where my garden is supposed to be. They are grasses. They have already gone to seed. They have fulfilled their purpose. They are dead and don’t know it. But they act alive. The wind is moving them around, erratically. There’s light. If I can’t dance, I can believe in weeds that do.

Cram as much joy as you can make into something not built to take it.

Failure in this is way more probable than success. Hug it like it is someone you really do feel glad to see.





9 thoughts on “Whoop-ti-do!

  1. Hey, I love the way you’ve written this prompt. Love the weed analogy, it just confirms my belief that you see the world in a way I never do. When I grow up I want to be Q. I WILL get back to this but we are leaving for a few days at the beach. See ya when I get back.


    1. Thank you kindly, ma’am. And–take your time. As October is my official birthmonth and highhigh holiday, I am also here and yon. Enjoy the sand. Catch you on the flip side.


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