When Hairy Met Slick

As this is Quickly’s last prompt before her Winter holiday, let’s take a little time and go a little longer.

In this you have not only the right to change your mind halfway through what you’re doing–you have the OBLIGATION.

Also: No requirement to stick to true events. Fly into the sky of fiction if you want.

Write a narrative poem in which you give us an event , conversation, or encounter that means a lot to you (or “the speaker”). Perhaps something that changed his/her life, or even her/his mind.

Once you’ve gotten on a roll–you’re comfortable with the direction things are going, and the reader should be trusting you–stop short. Say something on the lines of: I need to start over.
Go back and change the focus. Maybe start earlier. Maybe this event means more/less than you thought when you started. Maybe think about how this affected a third party, or the world. OR you could go back and rewrite what you’ve already written, but using different words and longer or shorter lines.

If this works for you, no reason you can’t pull more than one Whoa! out of your hat, reframe the picture in more ways than one.

Do, however, wrap things up sooner or later.

Speaking of wrapping.

As one who has been accustomed to November Poem-a-Day, flaws and all, I was sorry to see that the one that first got me sweating through the month won’t be around this year. No problem.

Wait, let me start over.

If you’re interested in a November Prompt-a-Day–Misky, Margo, Barb Crarey, and I are co-operatively coming to your rescue. The site is still under construction, but we’ll pull the paper off before too long–give you a chance to find us on your Google Map.

What with one thing and another, we’re going to postpone until the new year. When we know more, you’ll hear.

Correction: There will be a Poetic Asides November PAD Chapbook Challenge thing this year after all. Discussions ensue.

(the feature image, found in Google, is by Janet Stevens)






2 thoughts on “When Hairy Met Slick

  1. Thanks for a fun ride. I’m not sure if I’ll get to this prompt.
    Is Quickly going to have a link up here to that November gig?
    Oh… I just saw all the cross out. I’ll look forward to some kind of notice then?

    To all be well stay warm or cool and enjoy your feasts, Holly Daze – Festivals of Lights and New Years!

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