November Nudge #26


(DON’T try to use them all. Especially not all at once.)

blue plums in a bowl
the picnic table
with your suitcase
it can’t be helped
just for once
except by boat
I later heard
third person singular
the fall of nations
we drove past
on the ground
grow into
it won’t rain
it was time to paint
boxes where I keep
do you hear yourself
when there’s nothing else to do
taste of the frosting
overlooking the city
they need to hear their
nests, the speckled eggs
holding us
you take turns
which they pass one by one
you are not finished
all but gone
you know who you are
without a word of explanation
secret handshake
it can’t be wrong to love the
standing on the other side
as the snow continues to fall
have enough problems as it is
as if it doesn’t mean
her expensive dress
waves that lapped the dock
mail them packages of
there is something democratic about
but you are always
the children invent
beyond the first sign
those boats

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