Time for some serious play. Bring an object to life. And we want real life–not some zombie Barbie or golem pet rock. Give it sparkle and zing. Give it oomph.


Give it Personality

To help you, here are some questions stolen from Sage Cohen. Answers go on your scratch pad (as many as you feel like). Pick a couple to amplify, then trot the link over here for us to meet the Thinkamajig.

(I don’t know what kind of poetry this will produce, but the questions should be fun to answer)


  1. What kind of shoes does this object wear?
  2. What does it eat for breakfast – or dessert?
  3. Where does it live?
  4. Who are its friends?
  5. How does it sleep?
  6. Where does it go on vacation?
  7. Who is its big brother?
  8. What is its middle name?
  9. How does it sing?
  10. What does it taste like?
  11. Who does it love?
  12. What does it want you to know?
  13. What did it borrow?
  14. What country, state, neighborhood does it live in?
  15. What does it believe?
  16. Who is its favorite movie star?
  17. What kind of music does it listen to?
  18. What do you admire about this object?
  19. What do you hate about it?
  20. Who in your family does this object remind you of?
  21. What grade in school is this object in?
  22. What does this object dream about?
  23. Who would this object vote for as president?
  24. What does this object want to be when it grows up?
  25. Where does this animal belong?
  26. Where doesn’t it belong?
  27. Who is its best friend?
  28. What does it do when no one is looking?



10 Thoughts

    1. Wonderful. “whose kisses / you know last three days, and are slow, deep, soft, wet / even if not meant for you.” This rose is like a lover whose name has slipped away, who was never yours really but left petal and thorn prints on your senses that you will never forget or regret.


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