A Letter or Note

A letter, a note, an address, a good talking-to——write a poem to your poems. You can follow the lead of the one below if you like, but you are probably better off striking out in your own direction.

Poem to Some of My Recent Poems


My beloved little billiard balls,
my polite mongrels, edible patriotic plums,
you owe your beauty to your mother, who
resembled a cyclindrical corned beef
with all the trimmings, may God rest
her forsaken soul, for it is all of us
she forsook; and I shall never forget
her sputtering embers, and then the little mound.
Yes, my little rum runners, she had defective
tear ducts and could weep only iced tea.
She had petticoats beneath her eyelids.
And in her last years she found ball bearings
in her beehive puddings, she swore allegiance
to Abyssinia. What should I have done?
I played the piano and scrambled eggs.
I had to navigate carefully around her brain’s
avalanche lest even a decent finale be forfeited.
And her beauty still evermore. You see,
as she was dying, I led each of you to her side,
one by one she scorched you with her radiance.
And she is ever with us in our acetylene leisure.
But you are beautiful, and I, a slave to a heap of cinders.

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    1. Fantastic. “Poems slid like pigs on ice– toes over hams, choice and chaff alike” is wonderful. And the Pork ending perfect. With all the blogging, no Spam?


  1. One more…

    poems – you are like when I was four
    playing hide and seek by myself
    in the basement
    which is a lot like writing poems
    and climbing into the army footlocker
    my father brought back from the war in Korea
    the joke would be on everyone
    until the top slammed down
    the latch caught so now we can talk
    about death as my words shouting for notice
    bit by bit used up what little oxygen
    there was left

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  2. Never Good Enough

    You were born of a prompt
    that tweaked an emotion
    an idea, a desire to become
    something more
    something relatable
    something that would ignite
    a tiny flame
    and I loved you…
    till I read a poem
    written by someone else
    and thought
    “Oh, now that’s

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    1. Sometimes, reading some poet I don’t even like, there will be some nondescript looking line that stops me in my tracks. Half the time it is so subtle I can’t even figure out how it was done. Rest of the time I want to wave my iPad around yelling Look at this! (and feeling really depressed).

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