1. Forgive me, but I’m going to have to post here for a bit until I have the time (post-election) to play with WordPress again.

    Hard Times

    On Friday nights, when I was small and
    the screen on our TV was smaller still, its
    black-and-white characters not exactly
    true-to-life, but real enough,

    On Friday nights, we’d tune in faithfully,
    eager to enter the Twilight Zone, a puzzle to
    consider while being sufficiently scared
    to wonder, “Could it ever happen here?”

    (Fun fact: Rod Serling once name-checked
    my misbegotten little town in his scarily
    soothing voice. The episode was about a
    bus trip to nowhere, as I recall.)

    Anyway, back to the future, as they say.
    The Twilight Zone is still on TV, if you
    search hard enough, but me?
    I spend my Friday nights on scarier things:

    Twitter, Facebook, cable news, the
    twilight zone of our times, the
    pandemic lockdowns, civil unrest,
    the hard times, the ride we must take —

    a ride to nowhere, or so it feels,
    with no way to disembark.

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