1. I love the entire album Graceland but this song is a favorite.
    Walking Blues

    When she was young(er), she lived
    in New York City, center of the god-
    damned universe on most days, but
    sometimes too much to bear, the cold
    slushy streets, the nighttime sirens so
    close, the mood of quiet dismay, of
    incipient breakdown.

    [Girl, can you make it anywhere?]

    People do, you know, so just put on your
    threadbare rabbit-skin coat and head out.
    Take the subway to some faraway spot
    and walk your way through those fears
    and insecurities, stride down those
    streets, knowing who you want to be
    as you blaze a trail with those diamonds
    on the soles of your shoes. You belong here.

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