Here a Chick There a Chick

Noting which group you find words in:

Choose 4 from Group A and 4 from Group B
Or 6 from one group and 2 from the other
Choose 2 from Group C and 2 from Group D
Choose 2 from Group E and 2 from Group F

Option 1

Use any 10 of your selected words as part of your writing.

Option 2

Using ABCDEF to define a pattern, play around with rhyme.










  1. I figured out how to read the lists and enlarge them, but I can’t copy and paste them and it is just too much to fight with to go back and forth looking at rhyming lists of which I am not a fan of anyway. I think I’ll look at my Chinese take out menu and pick some words; some from column a and some from column b. That might be easier. But not bothering with force rhyme.
    Just not my thing. Next time just pick out ten words and be done with it.

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    1. Great idea about the Chinese menu. I really like the Ox was born in the barn repetition, that kept the poem coming back to an interesting and evocative place.

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      1. Okey dokey… artichokey
        Just slightly different than the same sound ending words. Like for sonnets and such.
        Iffin’ I jist had me a tad more schoolin’…
        (Oh… I was looking in my mail and cleaning house – I found old prompts of Quickly and just wanted again to say thanks for the years and years of prompts!!)


        1. “…a tad more schoolin’…”
          (At this point, grateful that she was not drinking milk, Barbara wipes the snort from her face. This is an old disagreement, and she has been on the other side often enough. She admires Jules’ stubbornness and how beautifully she subverted the prompt. Still, she believes she ought to say SOMEthing.

          “They don’t have to be at the ends of the lines,” she thinks.
          Then, “Nah.”)

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          1. Comedy is good… glad you didn’t have to clean off your computer screen…

            (Oh – I know about them internal rhymes and starting off sentences with ‘rhymey’ words. I just am not ‘technically’ grammarly (yep lower case ‘g’) educated. Or maybe that is Englishly Challenged? – Ain’t rhythm and rhyme different? But since I am also Meterically Challenged I’ll just have to stick with what I does best. and be captivatingly creative… )

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  2. In a gray world of ice and isolation, it’s easy to go astray. We repeat our mistakes and are indiscreet, flaunting our flaws without a pause to consider the score. We swore to remain devout, but cannot hide our doubt, and the spark of our lives has diminished to an ember, stark and cold, as we wait for another day to dawn.

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