Call me IRresponsible

You never know when you get an itch. I could be fleas.
It could be inspiration trying to find an outlet, but turning
into something like hives. Life is darn inconvenient some-
times. When you are a rabbit, you make do with what
comes your way.

Monday, I think it was a twig of rose hips landed on my desk.
Yesterday, it was stink bugs. This morning there was a dead
preying mantis on its back next to the door. All laid out as if
for burial. There is meaning there, somewhere.

wild rose

Anyway: Despite the business of found poetry, the itch is upon me.
There will be Quickly prompts daily through October, and–sane or

I hope to see you.

3 thoughts on “Call me IRresponsible

  1. No Peace of My Mind?

    Itches need some scratchin’
    With quill and ink or screen and keys.

    Sometimes we put more meaning into things that have none.
    None-the-less, it’s always good to play with others.

    I don’t play outside very well as the bugs like to bite me.
    Is there something there – my sweet blood?

    Can’t just be my inviting smile in their multi-plex vision.
    Thanks for the invite… three cheers for inspiration!!



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