Read all of the following before beginning.

army. bingo. covering. curious
delicately. flashing. four. glued
goggles. gold. opening. page
photographed. ramp. son. stenciled

Take 5-10 of these words. 

Write down your first. Add some other forms of that word.
What is its closest synonym? Antonym?
Make a free association chain.
[eg: old>new>refrigerator >appliances > application > college> collage > alleged]

Go to the next word; repeat. Repeat. etc.

Using words from the original list or your discovered lists, or abandoning the lists altogether,
write a two-stanza poem. Or two separate poems. Or sixteen fragments.

Having read the prompt, you can use it or choose what appeals to you, or you can disregard the whole shebang and follow your heart and/or inclination.

9 thoughts on “Words

  1. She pictured a stranger,
    unexpected but somehow
    familiar, odd but still
    a partner in the dance.

    She imagined the dance,
    her hair falling loose
    as she whirled in the
    moonlight, alone and free.

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