It Won’t Happen Again Mr Herron

Your mission today is to include ”it won’t happen again (name of your choice)” in your writing.

I will say, that my first thought was comic. A series of improbable rental catastrophes, punctuated with that phrase. Then it occurred to me that it could be much more. A last chance warning from the boss. A last chance warning from the voters. A summation after King Kong ran amok. A description of a mass of extinct flowers.

I still lean toward comic refrain, but it is fascinating that phrases can be such chameleons.


6 thoughts on “It Won’t Happen Again Mr Herron

  1. It Won’t Happen Again, Gym

    No more running at top speeds
    No more girls’ basketball team
    No more mini-trampolines.
    No more tumbling or balance beams.

    My bones are brittle, I tend to fall
    I’ll stick to walking around the mall.

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    1. Debi… Walking is good. Running I’ll let the younger folks do.
      At least though in a Kayak you are sitting – I had mentioned to my hubby to try stand up paddle boarding… and that well, it was nixed!

      Fun title! I haven’t belonged to a Gym in an Oodle of Ages.


  2. Have Mercy!

    I’m deeply sorry, Your Majesty.
    It won’t happen again. Oh my,
    your face is as red as
    the roses I painted . . . by
    mistake of course. There’s
    steam coming out of your
    ears. I fear a stroke. Please
    don’t poke me, I’m only a
    playing card. If you say,
    ‘off with his head’, I will
    only be worth half.


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