October 13, Wed-nes-Day

Where this rabbit is from Wednesday is pronounced Wins-dee. Accent on the win. (Of course, we also pronounce ”pen” and ”pin” alike. Hilarity ensues.) Woden’s day. Most Latin-based languages have names for this day that are based on Mercury. The Spanish is miércoles, which sounds like something to do with miracles. Pity it isn’t. Wouldn’t you like a day of miracles? Or maybe not. The order of things constantly upset. Never sure what you are drinking. Underdogs win. And does that mean that nothing surprising happens during the rest of the week?

Where was I? Wednesday. Middle of the week day.

Write about Wednesday. Or being wed. Or winning.

8 thoughts on “October 13, Wed-nes-Day

  1. Heck sakes, Miz, I’m still trying to toot. Incidentally, I was raised where a creek is a crick and a roof is a ruff. It’s all a bit barking (as in mad).

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  2. Knew an annoying woman years ago who called it “wed-ness-day” and I come from a place where it’s Wensday, February is Febuary, and chimney is alternatively “chimley, chimbley, or chimeny” and flim is ‘flllum”..I call it lazy lips, but not out loud. =)

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    1. I went to school in East Tennessee. Speech/drama classes often included (unofficial instruction in the correct way to mimic a mountain accent. Lock your jaw, and otherwise speak normally.


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