October 14, Thursday

Oh, Hello.

You know, I was just thinking about poetic forms. That little exercise we have been playing with, that could be considered a rudimentary form. Last week, dVerse featured an invented form (but aren’t they all, in the long run, invented?) called the Cadralor, with some striking similarity. Just taken farther. Don’t you think that is interesting?

Today we do return to our five-line stanza. Maybe later a longer poem. Today:

Some sort of plant (single or collective)

OR animal

OR a parent and child

OR a pair of lovers—observed or imagined

Using one of these topics, write a poem of two five-line stanzas. The two will present some of the same information, but in different ways. For instance: lovers seen from a distance/the sensation of holding hands. A squirrel’s eye view of an acorn/a deer hunter unpacking a sandwich. Panorama/closeup. Different senses. Male/female. No judgment, no conclusion, just presentation.

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