QNv  X-2

Miz Q will be prompting in November, and happy to have any company that cares to drop in. Bring your own libations. 

Prompts are intended to get your juices/words flowing. They are also to remind you of your buried treasures, and sometimes to suggest inefficient but interesting tools for going after them. 

A touch of the irrational can lever you out of a rut. Miz Q does not believe in writers block. It is the backside of the mind complaining about what you are trying to make it write. Pay attention to what it is saying, but don’t be stopped.


It is dismal here today. Chilly, wet, uniformly gray. You can see that. Make it a picture. A landscape painting you might find in a shop that doesn’t have the chutzpah to call its wares antique. But in this painting, near the center of the foreground there is an object of the most intense, saturated color. What it is, and why the artist put it there–no idea. 

Maybe you know. 

Maybe you know of other anomalies. An elephant in a herd of cows. Corn in ice cream. Mona Lisa on a merry-go-round…

5 thoughts on “November

  1. Corn is not an anomaly in ice cream — and I don’t mean that abominable corn syrup either. It’s a standard flavor at the Mexican ice cream joints in southern Chester County, PA. Darn good too. Thanks so much for being here in November. I read along even when i don’t always write along…

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    1. I know that from a Thai restaurant hidden in what was at the time one of the reddest of Nashville redneck neighborhoods. Who would think of putting a vegetable in ice cream? What is a nugget of frozen sunshine?


  2. Oooh… glad to have The Bunny for companionship for November.
    I’ve posted my daily. But hey… maybe I’ll think on this for tomorrow or Nov. 1.

    The Bunny’s prompts are like crust on bread. Some like it, others cut it off. Personally I like crust.
    Maybe that’s because I’m a tad crusty myself?

    Now this one… is something to ‘chew’ on.

    Thanks for all the October prompts!! ~Jules


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