Hopping November

Hopping November

dressed in yellow
went up stairs
to see her fellow.
How many kisses
did he give her?
Three, four,

Can you hop a line or two a day?

Yes, Quickly is back with November prompts to give those who’d be writing anyway a boost and to remind the rest that it’s only words and, heck, you use those every day.

Because it’s Monday, and you may be still downing Halloween candy, I’m going to follow Tina Turner’s Proud Mary advice and start out nice


Take a deep breath. Hold it. Hold it. Now, slowly, counting in your mind
let it out. Think about slow, the word. How it takes a while to say, but comes out easily. Slow can be devastating, but not today. Today, slow is easy.

Take another deep breath, and as you let it out, just relax.

If you need a starter:

In the morning slow is like…

14 thoughts on “Hopping November

  1. I might make a post of this later, I’m taking it slow for now…

    Pace Makers

    In the morning slow is like a sky of clouds
    That look like impossible Gordian knots
    That perplex all but the boldest of heroes

    All one needs is a good cutting edge
    Maybe an early winter wind pushing
    The Autumn day shorter and shorter
    Until maybe the grey makes it impossible
    To imagine any images or see the path
    To Peter Pan’s Never Never Land –
    Growing up isn’t so bad though
    I just had another birthday that passed
    Relatively unnoticed because in some families
    After you turn eighteen – that’s it, no more gifts.
    But that’s OK I bought myself something, or two.

    In the morning slow is the routine of filling bird feeders
    So birds and squirrels will entertain me for the rest of
    The day as I look out the picture window, while procrastinating…

    © JP/dh ~ Jules

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      1. Well then, – Belated Natal Greetings! It is nice tot be surprised though…
        I got three cards. One from the local card shop with a coupon off if I bought ‘x’ amount.
        I also got a magnet and mug (filled with candy) from a relative touting their famous ‘area’.
        (Replaces a mug I broke last week… how fortuitous.)
        I also got a dinner out (but then I don’t have to evening meals most weekends… that’s another story…)


  2. Maybe, just maybe, this is the month I try to whip WordPress back into shape. Breath-holding on your part is not recommended.


    It’s the month of “No” when the earth

    slows down, settling into its roots

    under cover of fallen leaves,

    transforming themselves slowly

    and without fanfare.

    Mother Earth whispers, “Go slow

    in this moment, and we

    we busy ourselves with small

    nothings and forget her

    quiet wisdom.


  3. I will be working through these prompts on my poetry blog during December and maybe January. And, you know, possibly February.


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