QNv 3

I am writing these from within an app. One that generously supplies a writing prompt when you open it. On rare occasions–like today–they are interesting enough to snare.

So, courtesy of Day One, I ask you:

What gives you energy?

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  1. Amplified Imagination?

    good night’s sleep
    good peanut butter
    good honey

    Though some days like this; when the first frost settles
    And it is still thirty one fahrenheit at eight in the morning
    I produce energy from shivering…
    Yes I know the temperature in the house remains the same…
    But psychologically I feel better with my layered clothing.

    © JP/dh ~ Jules


  2. They tell me:

    “Eat right!”

                    “Get a good night’s sleep!”
                                               “You’ll be fine.”

    But in this moment, I’m that furry pink Energizer Bunny

    running on empty,

    with no new batteries anywhere in sight.

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