QNv 4

Everything begins.

Even the things that developed from something else had that moment when they became identifiably (whatever).

Computers, wheels, preserved food, TV dinners. There is a point at which a used book becomes salable as a Used Book.

Origins are one of the chief foods of mythology. All those constellations. Arachne.

Didn’t Paul Bunyan accidentally make the Mississippi?

Of course, not all beginnings are known, and many that are known are not favored with a fable.

(Getting the drift?) Think of something. Everyday as a light bulb, or the light bulb cartoon icon; or outré as only you can imagine and give yourself a little time with it.

How the heck DID it come into being? 

Can you compress that into the three lines of a haiku?

Silly rabbit.

Take all the words you want, but make a minor myth.

12 thoughts on “QNv 4

  1. Ranid Returns

    green kaeru
    from a rainbow; seeks
    to return

    There will be frogs at the end of rainbows. The fill from beginning to end in the green arc. But sometimes in the misstep of Leapfrog or a strong gust of wind they will be knocked out of the arc. And it might take them several generations to find the end of a rainbow on the earth so they can return to their kin.

    These frogs are compassionate, and giving – with the desire to return from where they came from. To be embraced by calm relaxing green and enjoy bliss. Though sometimes they get mistaken for princes. Or plucked from the mud to be put down the backs of little girls’ dresses.

    Some people have been lucky enough to experience the bliss of frogs. So they will collect any frog they see. Some are small and hang on golden chains. Others are made of wood and have a ridged back that can be played with a rod that is held in the frog’s mouth – to mimic frog sounds.

    May you be lucky enough to enjoy the bliss of frogs. Return to full health, enjoy the life you are given. And maybe be mistaken for a prince or… well enjoy a good relationship filled with humor!

    © JP/dh ~ Jules

    If you click on the title it will take you to the post where there is a boat load of info on our froggy friend Kaeru. Good Luck.

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