QNv 5

The Rabbit lives on a narrow (let’s call it one) lane, on which everyone’s mailbox leans in a different direction. In these days when everything comes by stork, delivery has become commonplace to the point that today yours truly is awaiting goods from both FedEx and Amazon.  Good enough. But there is a long hill on Miz Q Lane, and someone is hauling–inch by inch–half of a double wide home-to-be to a newly-cleared lot near its apex. 

Your prompt for today:


5 thoughts on “QNv 5

  1. Circus Hurdles

    All those narrow stairs
    Nosebleed seats,
    Just getting to them was an obstacle.
    Three thrilling acts in the three rings below
    With spotlights highlighting something
    That couldn’t clearly be seen
    There were people who even when they sat
    Were tall enough to block the view.
    Being behind a structural pole didn’t help either
    I’ll never be sure what magic lured my father
    Especially to the sad clowns

    © JP/dh ~Jules

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