QNv 6

Hit or Miz

The other day your Miz misquoted Miss Tina Turner. [It should have been “nice and easy” but I was warming up and surely you can make allowances.]

It occurs to me that there are an awful lot of words with the “mis-“ prefix.

“a prefix applied to various parts of speech, meaning “ill,” “mistaken,” “wrong,” “wrongly,” “incorrectly,” or simply negating:

mistrial; misprint; mistrust.”


 [note that “mistaken” in the definition uses the prefix, for which points might be taken off by any competent old-school teacher.]

Make use of a “mis” or two today.

14 thoughts on “QNv 6

  1. Who is MAD?

    Misinterpreted words
    Misaligned struggles
    Mislaid trust attributed to human weakness
    Misfired precepts are like smoking guns
    Misfortune rules
    Misfits monuments
    Mistrust reigns

    © JP/dh ~Jules

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  2. For yesterday and today:

    She’s her own biggest obstacle.

    The smallest misstep disrupts her mission,
    diverts her from the path she’s set,
    sending her careening into misery.

    Focusing on her mistakes, she
    misses the lessons of this
    misunderstood, yet beautiful,

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