QNv 7

It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which is anatomically incorrect, not always true, and when true not limited to men.

Closer to the point is an old suggestion that a young woman eschew perfume and simply dab a bit of vanilla on a pulse point or two. Sense wise, smell is almost as primitive as mating. 

Of course, sex is only a small part of the universe, and smells can work on many levels. [Even in a sterile work environment, popcorn popping in the breakroom microwave spreads little festive notes on those complex molecules, micro-balloons full of memory confetti.]

Blather. Blather.

What smell, scent, aroma ambushes you with emotions or memories?

That new expensive leather bag smell? Meat loaf? Wet dog?

You don’t have to answer, but use what comes to you,

and write.