QNv 8

Traditionally poetry is based on some sort of constraint. Well, du’uh.

Rhyme. Syllable-or word-count. Repetition. Shape. 

Many of these are memory aids for story-performers, historians, children, whoever needs to remember–for example–just how many days there are in November, or how to do the Hokey Pokey.

There are combinations so complex learning them must require its own mnemonic.

Today we we going to work with

[Pause while I say to you: please do not freak]

Alliteration. Consonance. Assonance.

Alliteration is repetition of initial sound in two or more words adjacent to or near one another.  Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Red, red robin

Consonance is repetition of a–surprise–consonant sound, usually within the words, and not necessarily in adjacent words. Consonance can tie lines together. It is (usually) less obvious than alliteration, or not noticeable at all.

Assonance is–essentially–consonance for vowels. When the two are together you have some sort of rhyme.

Got that? No? 

That’s okay. If not, just pretend you know what I meant, and write a line that contains a couple of “sk” sounds.  Or “rd” “t” “m” . Whatever, just a couple. Go overboard and you hurt my delicate feelings.

Now write a line with a couple of “eeeee” sounds in words that do not have the same consonant ( or you would be rhyming, and you-%shudder–don’t want that) “Week and seal, not weak and seek,” she said, screwing with your head a bit.

Once you have done that, go about your business and finish what you started as you like, but do think about how similar sounds play together.

7 thoughts on “QNv 8

  1. Way over my head… so I’ll just jump in the leaves;


    Skedaddle skidoo to Timbuktu?
    Take the rake, tease the leaves
    Into one big pile – then jump.

    © JP/dh – Jules

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  2. Risk

    The risky part of wearing mask is
    wondering who you are
    without it.

    You tell them you’re who
    you’ve been before but
    they weigh your words and
    wonder too.

    We want to skip the pretense for
    the sake of relationship, but
    oh my, how that mask feels
    just like home.

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