QNv 9

List poem.

A grocery list is not a poem. Unless you make it one.

jelly jam
ham cheese mustard
butterscotch custard

That's one

Sister, go to the store for tea.
Her mother said.
Talking to Alvin
in Aisle three
she was moved to thoughts of sin instead.
Sweet mystery.

(whatever happens next, it started as a grocery list)

milk of magnesia
human kindness
wine, red
wine, white
whole wheat
wheat germ
arm and hammer 

a grocery list is like___

Anything I can do, you can do better

9 thoughts on “QNv 9

  1. A lemon half dries out on the refrigerator shelf

    the open jar of salsa grows green mold under its lid

    the yogurt’s half-hidden expiration date raises an alarm

    The list grows —

    groceries bought and used

    by one, still alone in

    a world no longer on lockdown.

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