1. Branching Out?

    Whisper of a
    Gentle lullaby
    In tones of
    Yellow and greens
    Natures walls of
    Air, soil and water
    Weeping tears of joy
    For a good life –

    © JP/dh ~ Jules

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  2. Tree To Be You and Me

    If I were a tree, I’d like to be a paper birch, responding
    to the cycles of the earth, shedding bark and leaves
    and regrowing them again and again, ever changing
    and ever the same. But I’d only want to be a birch if

    you were the steady and sturdy Douglas fir beside me,
    linked at our roots by fungal threads, tangled,
    inseparable, unseen. Communicating and connected,
    growing tall together, integrated until the end.

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      1. Thanks, Debbie. I have read the book “The Overstory,” as well as a NYT article on the interdependence of trees in the forest. Absolutely fascinating.


  3. To Be, But What To Be

    The question on the table: what to be?
    Not a matter of becoming. Speculation.

    In winter all trees become each, and each
    summer tree is a world tickled by squirrels.

    A home. A need. Shelter, like air, is required
    and can’t take off. Travel. Take scuba lessons.

    Life-giver. Feeder. Care-giver. Turning your
    patient every two hours preserves, prevents

    To be other. Mother. Father. Lover. Love lies
    on the line between need and desire. To be

    wanted: a slice of dark chocolate torte, porch
    swing, wings, fame, luck, a talent. A talent.

    Talent is notably finicky. A pedigreed rose.
    To be should be easy to maintain. No fish.

    Something nice to have at hand. A tee shirt.
    A quality tee shirt. Substantial. Universal.

    Forgiving of weight loss or gain, a comfort
    in the suitcase. Midnight blue. Forest green.

    Being goes well with denim or wool; beaches,
    work, daybreaks, gospel, science fiction, chips.

    To be could be beer, a shower, soup, or a dream
    in which nothing much happens. Or a good tee.

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