QNv 12

Small Blessings

Do not write now.

If you can, spend your day paying attention to surprise and pleasure and joy.

I never noticed that the fabric of the chair I bought a the thrift store and sit in every morning is the same blue as the BUTTER on the white and blue butter keeper on the table. That is certainly not earth shaking, but came as a small shock of pleasure.

You needn’t spend your day writing down clouds shaped like Charlie. Do look at the pretty leaf and give it some wonder. The same with a love you are comfortable with–give them wonder.

If it’s only an hour, take the time before writing. Pick something unexpected, and if you can’t pass on the pleasure ( that’s too much to ask) hold the pleasure in mind while you write whatever pleases you.


  1. I have always been an observant ‘watcher’… I’ve written what I’ve seen and then a haiku summary.


    Walking in the rain

    slow careful stepping
    over the lawn filled with leaves
    to fill the feeders

    Watching the raindrops make contact with the creek water

    increased flow
    creek increases with
    each raindrop

    The whole lawn is yellow with fallen maple leaves

    like a quilt
    hodge podge covering
    yellow hues

    The birds at the feeder, even when it rains

    easy source
    squirrel free; the birds
    come all year

    Warm rainy air

    in mid autumn reigns
    this morning

    © JP/dh ~Jules


      1. I’ve just enough slope in the bank to see maybe an inch or two of surface for about five inches fro about 100 yards away (from the picture window. But sometimes if it is raining hard enough I can see the rain drops entering the creek. ~Thanks


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