QNv 20

Take the abstract word ”IMPORTANT” and illustrate, define, personify—do something to make it real. You do not have to use the word itself. You can. You can use it over and over. That isn’t important. The energy, Dr Frankenstein, should make the word LIVE.


  1. When I was young, I wanted to be
    what I thought of as famous, though
    I’d never admit to it, of course.
    (I was the one who always sought happiness
    points in the Game of Life, even then
    suspecting that fame doesn’t promise
    satisfaction despite the glitter and glitz of
    events and exploits, a world I knew
    I’d never see.)

    But still, the desire to be someone
    important, influential, consequential,
    lost to me as the road recedes, and I sit
    and try to see what I’m doing as important,
    even if only to me.

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    1. I remember once when I was a young mom crying at the washing machine wondering how can this make a difference but now that my kids are grown I can see it was important if only to them. Love this poem.


    2. Barb C,

      I remember the gave of ‘Life’… or am I remembering yesterday? Anyway. Yes, I would love some extra pats on the back to know I’m making a difference. But Like Debi – I too see my grown children and think (OK some bumbs in the road) but I did make a difference.

      And now – Well at least for a while anyway, learning to say no to those things that don’t make me happy. That is important too. A really wonderful write. Important to those who can read it. Thanks.


    3. I would sing in the car, top of my lungs loud, windows down so the Mickey Mouse Club talent scouts could find me. “Once I had a Secret Love”


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