QNv 21

Take the abstract word ”EMOTION” and illustrate, define, personify—do something to make it real. You do not have to use the word itself. You can. You can use it over and over. That isn’t important. The energy, Dr Frankenstein, should make the word LIVE.


  1. The Last Leaf

    She is too dry to be tearful.
    Loss, loss. Everything is loss.
    Why does she hold on, then?
    She quivers on still days,
    a conspicuous drab flag saying
    I don’t require the wind
    to buffet me.

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  2. e – motion

    Inside all of us,
    a dance of electrons, changing
    partners in the midst of
    a never-ending song.

    Energy created, paused, then
    recreated in different form again

    and again

    renewed and energized
    to flow where it will,
    electric and free.


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