QNv 23

Take the abstract word ”DESIRE” and illustrate, define, personify—do something to make it real. You do not have to use the word itself. You can. You can use it over and over. That isn’t important. The energy, Dr Frankenstein, should make the word LIVE.


  1. Ah – Thanks (even if you didn’t do anything) – my disire for your prompts in my mailbox has been fulfilled… I’ll be baaaack….


  2. Done with it all, or
    it’s done with me.

    What I thought I wanted,
    what I thought I deserved,
    what should have appeared

    A world full of worker bees, where
    I wanted to be — no, was destined
    to be queen, not knowing the cost,
    the pressure to produce and re-produce.

    I think
    I’ve had it all wrong and all along
    I‘ve craved the anonymity of the everyday,
    an unending back-and-forth, the
    smallest steps only increasing the
    ongoing sweetness of the hive.


  3. OK I had time for another one;

    Passion Points?
    (Acrostic ‘Sebunku’ – my own ‘creation’ hybrid of 3,5,3 haiku and a Septolet)

    Envelopes like mist
    Silk webbing

    Irresistible whispers
    Reaching, bonding
    Elastically to
    Several synapses

    © JP/dh ~Jules

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