I hope you have enjoyed yourselves, and have found things you wouldn’t have otherwise written. Keep your head on your shoulders, your eyes on the prize, and your nose to the grindstone. Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll all get together again soon. 

Write about meetings.


  1. I’m sorry to have missed so much but the great thing about this site is that it never goes stale. I go back and pick up prompts long after one ends. Thanks, Barbara, for all your work and encouragement.


  2. As Rodgers and Evan’s sang; ‘Until We Meet Again’

    Sometimes they scurry across the road
    Other times those of various sizes
    Seize fresh grass spears growing in the yard
    For a tasty lunch… but I never hear them munch
    Cute pink noses with bushy cotton tails
    All those bunnies, none wearing waist coats
    And not a one with a pocket watch,
    So I wonder while scanning Lewis Carroll books;
    Will I ever meet the bunny known as Quickly
    For surely I could find her there with Alice
    Sipping tea with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland

    © JP/dh ~Jules

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  3. Thank you, Bunny! I loved all your prompts-unique and fun. Appreciate the hard work in preparing all these wonderful days. Happy Holidays!


  4. Sorry I’ve been AWOL more than I had hoped to be. I do “play along” much of the time, but have gotten into the nasty habit of writing at bedtime and then the party’s pretty much over.

    Lets see what happens today.

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