Family Likeness

The Rabbit 🐇 knows

that many (most)

are busy beasts

this season.

For that reason, Decembers past have been sketchy. In keeping with that tradition, we will be M/W/F/(S) with weekends being maybe yes, maybe no.

This is a Yes Saturday.

Let’s think about likenesses.

A painting is a likeness.

One may be told they have a strong likeness to a family member (and why is it so often a family member one doesn’t particularly like?)

Two may be as alike as peas in a pod.

See this word: Read. Do you say “reed” or “red”? All three have some likenesses.

Identical twins might both be “read” on the outside, without being the same within.

Fraternals might be reed and red, read and red, freed and fred, deed and dread.

Likeness—to me—also points away, so that it accepts difference.

You can stop here, and work out your likenesses and differences.
Swim With the Sharks of Rhyme

dog, bog, cog clog, fog flog frog, agog, hog, jog, log, nog, slog smog, tog, 

THOSE OTHER THINGS which bear some likeness
dog, dug, drag, dig, doctor, dodge…
bog, bug, beg, bag, big, bogus, bong, boring, bowl, …
cog, cognition, cigarette, comb…
clog, climb, clot, close, clattering…
et cetera


This is a rhyme scheme for some sonnet-like thing I am not bothering to research because, frankly, I don’t want to. Also, it is going to be unconventional.

ABCa bcdb cdec de

A=red; a=a word that you believe has some likeness to “red” without being a true rhyme (bed, dead, head, led, spread are true rhymes.)
B=tree; b & b are words that resemble “tree” (I might use try or if I were feeling swank I might use tryst. Treat, maybe, but definitely not “free” because=true rhyme. As is see.) Some of these are iffy-looking. But we are avoiding true rhyme [in which the initial SOUND changes while the vowel SOUND and following consonant (if there is one) remain the same (sod, rod; tree, free, sea). ] If I keep restating this in slightly different ways I will confuse you enough that it will all start to make sense.
C=bird; c&c&c=words that seem like 🦅 (broad? bid? maybe even fired)
D and E are up to you.You can use long lines, short, any combination.

Have fun, or get serious. In either case, this should keep you busy until Monday.


If you, too, are having trouble, step back and loosen up by playing with lists of potential likenesses. Letting yourself go as far afield as it takes you. Then go back and circle anything that resonates.


  1. Ummm… Nope. I’ma rhymerdope. Can’t rant like dat. Don’t. Won’t.

    Plus, I got a fever;
    just ain’t feelin clever.
    So: No. Nah. Bah.

    Maybe Monday, eh?
    Okay, then. Then.

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      1. Hot tea and lemon, with a few chilli flakes. Capsaicin, the chemical in chili peppers that makes them hot, is used as an analgesic to relieve pain.


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