Energy at low ebb, your rabbit is still waiting for Christmas to arrive. This morning, however, there was a new voice from the suet feeder. It was joined by another. And another. But the noise! I hopped out of bed (late riser) and went to my favorite observation post, the bathroom window. There were myriad blackbirds. On the grass, in the trees, in bushes. Noisy as a hundred lawn mowers. And when they lifted it was with one stroke—whoosh! A marvel.

The sun slipped out from under clouds and lit yesterday’s rain in the brown leaves. A tiny Downy Woodpecker (male—red splotch on the back of his head) reclaimed the feeder until some rowdy sparrows chased him away. A couple of them got into a squabble; the two flapping straight up, bill to bill, trying to get the last word.

It was dynamic yet peaceful. I watched for quite a while and came away feeling good. Energized.

A new year is coming and it is sure to be chock-full of horrors and crap. There’s no avoiding that, but you can pause for five/ten minutes and look. Not to see what you expect, or to hope for something.

Joy and Peace.

Serendipity. Kilowatt. Rambunctious. Walk. Portion. See. Pour. Wait. Repeat. Chickadee. Superstition. Desire. Shine. Pin. Spillway.

And a Happy New Year


  1. Dear Bunny,

    I might wait until I’ve returned to ‘solid ground’ to respond. Just depends. I don’t know what time I’ll have to actually think about the word list at the moment. I wasn’t even sure I’d have conductivity while away…but I do!!

    As for joy and peace; what could be better than a dip in the beach at Bimini in the Bahamas?
    I found three colors of beach glass, coral, shells and even saw a fish leap out of the water (besides the multiple schools of minnow and other fishes in the Caribbean sea.

    Later today I’ll be back to kayak… But for now I wanted to wish you and all who visit –
    Happy New Year, may it be filled with health and peace. ~Jules

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  2. Wait… It’s New Year? Again? Really?
    Are those pecans? May I have one?
    So, what do you think?
    Is there anything else I need to ask?
    Am I supposed to make up my own list?
    Am I? Can I? Should I? Will I? Must I? Why?
    Which way’s the men’s room?
    Will you still be here when I come back?

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  3. Bunnies have kept me (somewhat) on track and happy all year. It’s been sort of a theme, and there may or may not be a poem attached to that, which may or may not use words from said word list. Whatever happens, I wish all of you here a Happy New Year! Not sorry to toast good-bye to this one.

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