January 11: It Was a Tuesday

Happiness and joy, sadness and depression, a movie and its sequel: things can be similar yet so different it insults the one to call the other sibling.

Do you remember your early forays into Roget’s? You may have been told to make your writing more interesting. Some of us might have been trying to disguise verbatim copying from the encyclopedia. Surely the words with the same definitions meant the same.

I think it might be interesting to spend a little time on synonyms and similarity.

How about today we look for a couple of familiar pieces from the culture that at first glance have very little in common [Leda and the Swan & Old Macdonald?] and create a link. Same medium, different, you choose. You can be playful or scholarly or anything that suits your mood. It may jump out at you, and it may give you a real headache, but I think you will have fun.


So. What do you think?

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