Day 1


Quickly here. Miz Quickly, if you’re feeling formal. Miz is perfectly acceptable, too. This little rabbit hole in the road is mine. And yours.

We’re gathered here to play. And the game is a version of PAD, which is a version of NaNoWriMo.

We’re going to write something every day for the month of November.

To make it easier, because starting with nothing but a need to write can be frustrating, I am dishing out daily prompts. I’m a poet, and I tend to write poetry prompts, but attempts are being made to be more inclusive, and to take into consideration the fact that some days just don’t feel like poem days. Attempts are being made.

That said: let’s get started.

Write a greeting.

Or a welcome or an introduction. Write as yourself or someone else. Be sincere, sarcastic, sardonic, cyclonic, choleric, fulsome or spare. Write two lines, two paragraphs, two pages. Write a haibun. A mock-heroic valediction. Or ignore the prompt altogether, and just write.

If you feel like sharing, link in the comments. If you must share here, be considerate. Enjoy one another. You may talk among yourselves. 👍

22 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. A Rebel With Words

    Courting a four season corner, I am inspired by the jewels of nature that flitter just beyond my picture window. That and how the seasons of life progress. I’ve been writing for a very long time (over half a century). I was born below the Mason/Dixon line – thus I am a rebel, but have acclimated to become a happy Northerner.

    I started as a poet, though I did write some memoir pieces and fiction while going through the public education system. Now I also write flash fiction and serial stories as well, when encouraged by my blogger writer community friends. I mostly write under my nom-de-plume as JulesPaige (or just Jules) because “Words are like Jewels on a Page.”

    Cheers, Jules

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  2. Hellooooo! And yay! I can play today!
    Happy poeming to all you fabulous souls.

    Quickly, Quickly Now.

    Come in, come in!

    We’ve got phrasal fun
    and tasty buns
    both hai- and cinnamon.

    We’ve got windchimes
    and silly rhymes
    and muddy iambic feet,

    some words to spill
    some space to fill,
    a whole fresh day to greet.

    Come with us down this rabbit hole
    (we’re all mad here, it’s true!);
    we’ve all gone fishin’ and whimsy-wishin’
    and the only thing missin’ is you.


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    1. Indeed, we are all a bit good ‘crazy-mad’ – if we call ourselves writers and poets and artisans of any kind, eh?

      Best to you too this month. 🙂


      1. That’s why I started putting some sort of image at the end of a post. Then I just gave up and paid the extortion.


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