Day 2

Watch This:

Before you think about meaning or taste or how much has changed in 60-70 years, give a moment to the what of all this. The bits of data, every little yes/no of this as a digital experience. And before, it was a length of film intended to be played at just so many frames per. The energy of light producing chemical changes, recording events as they were happening. Isn’t that mystical? And before this was a film it was a play. How many people saw its opening? How many productions have there been since then? And before that, it was words and ideas, and it was pushed and peddled and sold.

Run the clip again. Write down five or ten things, random. Let your mind wander around a bit, then settle in and use your writer’s voice.

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  1. Hi, Q. My poem never showed up on yesterday’s post. It was pending approval, and then just gone. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, so I can do it correctly today. 😉



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