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      1. For reasons I can’t fathom, WordPress let’s me comment here without going through the whole sign-in process but I can’t do it on your site. So weird…


      2. What happens when you try to leave a comment? Someone else mentioned the same problem but they fixed it because they can leave comments now. I’m not sure what they did though.


        1. I’m prompted to re-enter my password, even though I’m already on my open site in another tab. And then somehow it doesn’t accept the password I believe to be correct. I decided to come here rather than fight with it. I think the problem may be that I’ve changed the password and it’s trying to catch up with the change.


            1. Exactly. I’m using various Apple devices and I guess the new password isn’t in my keychain. This isn’t the most user-friendly of apps although I managed to figure out how to move the ads down the page, as well as the verse formatting. Baby steps.


              1. You can change the passwords in Keychain by opening the Mac’s Safari/Preferences/Passwords and then search for WordPress — and update with correct details.


  1. Thursday’s Reelin’ Windbag

    While some Pharmaceutical companies don’t wanna play nice
    And some medical professional leave alot ta be desired
    There’s some home companies that know how ta treat folks.
    Years ago we got us a new front door, things weren’t working
    With them fancy in the window blinds… the head honcho,
    He done come on out and made good – took out the bad ones
    And gave us a choice on new ones without any issue.

    Now about seven odd years ago we redone some of our kitchen.
    Resurfaced cabinets, upgraded appliances, new counters –
    New kitchen sink and the hardware that goes with it.
    Just days ago the faucet took a turn for the worse –
    We done called up the company that made it – seems they know…
    There was a ‘potential’ problem and they’re sending a new one!
    No charge. Not a single penny. Just, we gotta put it in.

    What you say you want a word in edgewise?
    You’ve got your own stories, your own rant.
    You’ve even got some good words about good folks.
    Didn’t I just give you a turn last week at The Diner
    Had to listen all about Mable and her babies and
    All them babies different baby-daddies…
    And how she’s working a different system.

    gossip, magpie
    busybody, clack

    © JP/dh

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      1. When I was working … there was gossip galore at the lunch hour… I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff on a daily basis.


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