12 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Acceptance Reigns

    I am serious, but not fastidious
    I know what I like and how I write
    I might pretend to credit a muse
    But really I know how to cast my lines –

    I might play with bait, but I honor wyrms
    I pick the kernels of memory from the corny
    I dust off shadows from old threads
    And quilt some color, with little or no editing

    I don’t go back and fret the notes
    What was writ, will stand like carved marble
    With my aging; I fly regrets like paper kites
    And then let the strings go…

    I am an Eve and
    dusk is my dawn, my own oath;
    cause no bane, just write

    © Jules JP/dh

    Wyrm; (mythology, fantasy) A huge limbless and wingless dragon or dragon-like creature. A sea serpent.

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