Day 12


…music. YOUR music.

You can be specific and say, for instance—my music is Frank Sinatra singing to the bartender in “Young at Heart.” You can be general. You can be cryptic. If it were a house. If it were an animal. If it were a game. Does your music tell stories or ask questions or lead you to do something or take you somewhere?

You may be saying more about yourself than about the music, or maybe not.

And you could write something entirely different in two days or two hours.

17 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Madre Sotto Voice
    (an acrostic)

    Lulling the children
    Under the spell of sing song delivery
    Letting them know a constant flow of
    Love from a source that was gentle
    As well as
    Binding… those words, those tunes
    I made up for them, just for them,
    Especially for them to
    Soothe all of our fears

    © Jules// JP/dh

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