Day 14


Some years ago I read a batch of recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. As explained by 5 or 6 year olds. They were very serious, and from observation they had the gist of the thing, but they did have to extrapolate some. Ten minutes at six degrees? Sure, why not?

We fill in the blanks using what we have. At one point in my writing career I took a stab at pornography, and when my story reached the boiling point for the protagonist “she felt a strange sensation.” What happens to my car after I give the keys to the mechanic? I’ve seen things going on, but don’t much care what they are. Electricity. Fission. Fusion. Gluten.

Think for a little about a few of the blanks in your data banks. When you find the right situation, look at the space and fill it with poetry, mystery, or whatever else you have rattling around.


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    1. I used to work in the OR. Experience knows what happens to the body on the gurney, but I’ve also had several conscious sedation procedures, and know that anything, anything could be happening.


      1. “conscious sedation procedures” … Is that when you start to come out of sedation midway through? That happened to me years and years ago – my brain was going full-tilt, and could hear conversation, but I was absolutely stiff as a board. It scared the dickens out of me, and I’ve avoided all surgery ever since.


        1. I had that happen in post-op once. There was a paralytic in the mix and I came to just after they took me off ventilation. Yes. Frightening. They have gotten better at that. The “conscious” part is spooky. It’s a combination of drugs. Something to relax you, something to block pain, and something to make you forget. You are aware and able to respond when they need you to move or give them information. But you are totally divorced from what’s going on.

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            1. It’s only spooky to know. The med (Versed, here) is pleasant. For my hip surgery, I was happy, chatting, sat on the OR table while the anesthesiologist prepped me for the spinal, and found his site. At that point I assume they added something else to the IV. then as far as I knew, went to sleep and knew nothing until post op. You tend to have only spotty memory of the next few hours, but there are pain meds involved, too. Cataract surgery was similar. Colonoscopy. Some dental procedures.

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  1. Middle top…(Because it was in the header and I thought of a movie theater). Reminds me of the time Hubby and I went to see Mel Brooks’ ‘Blazing Saddles’…(When it first came out in the movies)… a young mom of three – thought it was a traditional western (Not!!)… She left after the five minutes.

    (I’ll be back… later… things to do ~Happy Monday Quickly and all.)


      1. Some of ’em not – as all those who coulda filled some of them holes – aren’t – anymore.

        Some family when someone dies, especially when there’s some adult disagreement… they just don’t talk. Pretending someone never lived isn’t fun for the survivers who want more than a memory full of holes.

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