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  1. Recoiled Recollection

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t
    mean that they aren’t out to get you…
    She seemed to live her life as
    the Diva of Hypochondria.
    We took that as a Universal Truth
    and like ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ –
    We tended to shut out
    what we believed were minor ailments.
    The blown out of proportion complaints
    of aches and pains added
    To the choice she made to
    not be near anyone who could help or
    Be actual witnesses… that just made
    understanding her, more difficult.
    Eventually, we hoped that peace arrived –
    on that warm August morning.
    Perhaps it was during the night –
    when no one was looking?
    She hadn’t been hooked up to any monitors
    so there weren’t ‘beeps’
    To alert the staff; one of which found her,
    That was the word they used
    to inform the family of her passing.

    © JP/dh

    (the second lines should come up as indented…)

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