Day 23


I’ve just spent two hours browsing the audio files on this (⬇️) website, listening for something just right. For you. I could have, should have simply linked to the poem that led me into this labyrinth to begin with. [A labyrinth is not a maze, nor is a maze a labyrinth, though they are used interchangeably by most of us most of the time.] But–maybe it’s the weather–I couldn’t even find the ONE for myself for today, and that is plain pathetic.

So here’s the deal. The image below is (supposed to be) linked to the page you see.

When you get there you can click on one of the titles on that page and listen to that poem a couple of times and then just go on with your pre-Thanksgiving activities or whatever else makes your day; or you can browse the audio poems for a while, listening to the different voices until you find your ONE or you get a head full of cadences and strange.

If something gets stuck in your broom closet, sniffing the solvent in the wax, and you converse with it a while, you might find yourself with a tale, but watch out for those fumes.

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