11 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. I got ’em all in, in some form. Just because I like to play that way;

    Another Not So ‘Red’ Flag…
    (An Exchange of Information)

    During Cardio Classes, well actually before – sometimes after
    The old hens and a few of the roosters flap wings, and jaw.
    Each ‘body’ has some part that’s not 100%.

    We put on our ‘Silver Sneakers’ and pump up our heart rates.
    Like gray haired puppets on not so elastic strings and attempt
    To follow the leaders… remember to breathe, they say.

    Yoga breathing concave the chest and stomach when exhaling.
    Life’s a jigsaw; a test that almost wasn’t done fingers you ‘poorly’…
    But you’re not gripping at damn death’s door.

    Shell of the body holds secrets of hereditary, from those generations
    That once swung from other shores. Stirs your wits after being
    At wits end with different branches of the ‘medical’ profession.

    Another specialist to dictate how you might need some adjusting;
    To activity, diet, but not attitude. You got that down pat with a capital ‘A’.
    Makes you wonder how other folks cope.

    just another fish
    floundering for some fresh air
    It’ll be just fine

    © JP/dh (Jules)

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      1. I think it will be up to the specialists to humor me! A couple of weeks to go before that mystery is solved. I figure my ‘issue’ is mostly hereditary – the fact that it wasn’t ever found before and I’m still kicking… But maybe I could improve my diet.

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